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Mac / PC Workstation Setups

Setup a new computer or troubleshoot issues, erase an old computer to repurpose

Software Upgrades

Upgrade your Mac or PC to the latest operating system and apps


Ethernet networks, Wi-Fi, firewalls, switches, etc

Domain Controllers

Activate Directory user authentication for your company, on both PCs and Macs

Creating macOS Installation Media

Here's how to create a USB flash drive with the full installer of macOS downloaded on it  1. Download the desired version of the macOS installation app from the Mac App Store. When the download completes, you will see it in the Applications folder. 2. Using a 16 GB...

Useful Terminal Commands

Here's a list of useful Terminal commands   Flush the DNS cache on macOS 10.10.4 and up sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder