Mac / Win / Linux Workstations

Configuration, management, and troubleshooting for end user workstations


Run multiple operating system instances on a single physical server

Wired and Wireless Networks

TCP/IP based networks including: internet service, firewalls, switches, WiFi access, VPN access

Software Updates

Dealing with the inevitable updates and security patches for computer operating systems and apps 

File Servers and Storage

Block and file level storage for users connecting via SMB, iSCSI, NFS and Xsan

Cloud Storage

Whether it’s for team file sharing, backups or archives; I know all the providers and pricepoints


Large Data Transfers

Commonly used delivery methods in the Media & Entertainment industry

Domain Controllers

Windows Server 2016/2019 for Active Directory, DNS and DHCP functions

Information Security

Firewall access, endpoint security, user permissions and pen-testing. Media & Entertainment security expertise.

Business Continuity

Indentifying single points of failure, creating a backup plan to keep things running when a component fails

Tiered Data Storage

Managing file servers, offloading data that is accessed less frequently to Tape, Cloud, or Disk

Render Farms

Leveraging computing resources to complete renders, encodes, and other CPU/GPU intensive tasks

Web / Domain Mangement

Managing your company’s domain names, FTP’s, website and email provider

Video-based Workstations

Setup of Editorial / Motion Graphics / VFX workstations and shared storage

Digital Audio Workstations

Setup of digital audio applications, plugins, recording interfaces, and hardware controllers

A/V Equipment

Conference room TVs, projectors, speakers and players

VoIP Phones

Managing IP-based phone systems, handsets and SIP providers

Subscriptions and Annual Fees

Don’t pay too much for your software and service agreements, get advice from a vendor-neutral party