Mac / PC Workstation Setups

Setup a new computer or troubleshoot issues, erase an old computer to repurpose

Software Upgrades

Upgrade your Mac or PC to the latest operating system and apps


Ethernet networks, Wi-Fi, firewalls, switches, etc

Domain Controllers

Activate Directory user authentication for your company, on both PCs and Macs

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Get a file server for sharing files on your network

Cloud Storage

Keep a copy of your data in the cloud for easy access on all your devices

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Centralized storage for video editors

Large File Transfers

Solutions for securely transferring large files (20 GB and up) over the internet

Consumer A/V

TVs, projectors, speakers and surround sound, Netflix/Amazon streaming boxes, Blu-ray/DVD players, cable/satellite boxes, etc

Backup Plans

Backup critical data for peace of mind

Virtualized Servers

With just a single PC you can run many different virtual copies of Windows or Linux in your server environment

Printers / Copiers / Scanners

First time setup and troubleshooting


Digital Security

Endpoint protection, laptop encryption, network and firewall rules, etc

Data Archiving

LTO tape and cloud-based data archiving solutions

Domain Names

Choose your company’s .com, and get a website or email for it

Video Editing Workstations

Powerful workstations for video workflows that utilize applications such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Digital Audio Workstations

Workstations for recording audio or MIDI using software such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro X

Security Audits / Compliance

Get help bringing your company’s digital and physical security up to code during an audit from the MPAA or major Hollywood studios