Windows / Mac / Linux Setups

Get up and running as efficiently as possible. Help managing your data, and getting rid of old computers.

OS / Software Upgrades

Upgrades for your personal computer or servers. Operating Systems such as macOS Mojave, Windows 10. Major software such as Microsoft Office 2019 and Adobe Creative Cloud 2019. 


Wired and wireless networks. Modems, routers, firewalls, switches and Wi-Fi.

Domain Controllers

Require password resets for user logins every 90 days, make access to network resources easier. Block USB access and require screesavers on workstations. 

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Shared storage over SMB protocol. Commonly used to network Windows and Mac machines together.

Cloud Storage

Used for accessing your data on all of your devices. Can also be used to keep a copy of critical data off-site (disaster recovery). Examples include Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Shared storage for video editing, VFX, and other high performance workflows. Fibre Channel networking for high speed access.

Large File Transfers

Solutions for securely sending large files over the internet. This is common in video editing workflows. For example, Aspera and Signiant Media Shuttle platforms.

Consumer A/V

Home theater TVs, sound systems, BD/DVD players and streaming players. 

Backup Plans

Continuity and disaster recovery plans for your company. 

Virtualized Servers

Effectively manage your server hardware. Minimize the amount of servers required in your server room or closet.

Printers / Copiers / Scanners

Setup and troubleshooting.


Digital Security

Anti-virus software, hard drive encryption,  firewall rules, etc.

Get help passing MPAA, TPA, and major motion picture studio security audits. 

Data Archiving

Archive large folders of data onto LTO tape or cloud storage before your SAN or NAS fills up.

Domain Management

Company internet and intranet website development, SSL certs, DNS record updates, domain email platforms.

Simply put, managing your company’s .com address.

Video Editing Workstations

Setting up workstations for video editors, VFX, and motion graphic workflows. Playback interfaces and monitors, Fibre Channel adapters.

Digital Audio Workstations

Setting up workstations for recording and mixing audio. Also, assistance with audio plug-ins and hardware interfaces. 

Subscriptions and Monthly Fees

Software subscriptions, hardware maintenance costs, and other monthly fees can quickly add up. Get help from an independent party who understands what you actually need.

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