Windows / Mac / Linux Setups

Initial configuration of workstations and servers running these common operating systems. 


Consildating services and opearting system instances to be more efficient, use less server hardware.

Business Continuity

Assessing single points of failure, creating plans to keep production going in the event of a tech failure. 

Operating System and Software Upgrades

Routine operating system and software updates/upgrades for aforementioned systems. 

Network Storage

Block and file level storage systems. Servers and users connecting via SMB, iSCSI, NFS and Xsan. 

Cloud Storage

For individuals, teams and big data

Domain Controllers

Authentication servers for user logins

VFX / Edit Workstations

Building workstations with the right combination of hardware and software for your workflow. Everything from playback monitors, to interfaces and fast network storage.


Large File Transfers

Commonly used video delivery methods in the Media & Entertainment industry


Starting with your Internet service, going to your firewall, routers, switches and Wi-Fi. Fibre Channel networking also.

Subscriptions and Annual Fees

Don’t overpay on annual and monthly fees for your tech. Get advise from a vendor-neutral party.

A/V Equipment

Conference room TVs, projectors and perepherals

Information Security

Firewall access, endpoint security, user permissions and pen-testing. 

Digital Audio Workstations

Building the ultimate audio production workstations. Audio plug-ins, interfaces, studio speakers — music is another passion of mine. 

Web / Domain Mangement

Managing your company’s domain names, FTPs, website and email services.

Data Archival

Cloud, nearline RAID, and LTO-tape archival of big data