Andrew Hollis

Andrew Hollis

My first experience with computers began on the command line of MS-DOS. A couple of commands, and I could load up a game from a floppy disk on my dad’s glorified typewriter of a PC.

In middle school and high school I was exposed to both Windows and Mac operating systems at home. I quickly learned how they both work, and how to keep my sanity switching back and forth between both them.

Around that time I developed a passion for helping people with their personal computers — addressing every day problems they might encounter with them. It become important to compartmentalize applications and personal data, so that a computer could be reformatted and brought back to a factory-like state of freshness.

Now, a lifetime later, I still have that passion for helping people with technology, but my mindset is beyond the scope of at home with friends and family. It’s now with businesses where I get to work with not just an individual’s personal computer, but the servers, storage, and network that binds us all together at the office.

The hardware and software is consistantly evolving, but not a day goes by where I don’t continue to adapt and face the technological challenges head on. I take pride in my work managing infastructure as an IT Systems Administrator, and I treat everyone on the network exactly the same way that I would want to be treated.